The Colonel

"...The truly unforgivable crimes are done by calm men in beautiful green silk rooms,
allocating death in abundance, in full ships, without passion or anger or lust,
or any other redeeming emotion that will grant them some kind of justification,
besides some cold fear from some bogus future. But the future crimes that
they are hoping to prevent are imaginary, and those that they are committing in
the present are real"

From "SHARDS OF HONOR" by Lois McMaster Bujold

According to Eichmann the meeting lasted between one to one hour and a half.
not everyone left right at the end, and some gathered in small groups discussing
"technical details". in one of those "intimate" gatherings, Heydrich conveyed
his utmost satisfaction and allowed himself to drink cognac although
he almost never drunk in public.

From the testimony of Adolf Eichmann about the Wannsee Conference in 20.01.1942

Representing key sentences by the character: "Most of my life I have killed and
witnessed killing. I was partner to endless planning and developing
of methods and ways to kill and destroy. I watched people devote their lives to it,
I have devoted my entire life to it - as far as Im concerned,
nothings changed.."

" We are all sick! Life is a disease, fatal for us and everything around us - we live ergo
we kill - me and you and her, and her father and her mother...

Body language, and main character lines: Short of words, restrained, cool headed,
tough, practical, ambitious, active, always in control, a born leader.

Occupation: A professional soldier. served most of his adult life in elite units,
special forces and intelligence units.

Background: Born to a middle class family, and raised in military boarding schools
from early childhood. when he reached the age of 18 he already served as an officer.
singled out by his superior and peers, as an excellent promising officer bound for
greatness (a candidate for the highest ranks in the military and in the future, politics).

The colonel played a key role in the biological warfare project that went wrong.
after his entire family got infected, he killed them himself, and went on roaming around
the country, always on the attack - finding and killing infected on his own terms -
(he alone chooses the time and place).

Moral point of view: Life is a constant violent struggle for survival. any one who does
not attack, kill, destroy and enslave, is bound to be killed or enslaved by others.
power, control and initiative are everything.

Motto: Kill or get killed, eat or get eaten - always on the offensive.

Goal and objectives before the outbreak: Get as much power for himself and his country.