The Doctor

" There is no gift like the gift of the Dhamma, (no acquaintance like) acquaintance
with Dhamma, (no distribution like) distribution of Dhamma, and (no kinship like)
kinship through Dhamma. And it consists of this: proper behavior towards servants and
employees, respect for mother and father, generosity to friends, companions, relations,
brahmans and ascetics, and not killing living beings. therefore a father, a son,
a brother, a master, a friend, a companion or a neighbor should say: "this is good, this
should be done." One benefits in this world and gains great merit in the next by giving the
gift of the Dhamma"

From the Edicts of Ashoka

"The true holy and righteous men, does not complain about evil but rather spread justice,
does not complain about heresy but rather spread faith, does not complain about ignorance
but rather spread wisdom."

Form "MISTS OF PURITY" by Rabbi Cook

Representing key sentences by the character: "Theres always hope,
you just have to take a good look around."
"my entire life I have watched people dying in agony from all kinds of strange diseases,
real and imaginary. I've also watched people who got better, and those who grew as a result
of that suffering youre right, nothings changed, and thats exactly how I know theres still hope

" once I treated a terminally ill patient that asked for a court order to switch off her
life support machine, and allow her to die with dignity. when the order came in, the
patient insisted that only her young daughter disconnect her. that daughter
lived on the other side of the world. It took them a whole week to find her and
another week for her to get there. the mother was in constant agony everyone
begged her to end it, but she insisted on waiting. When it was over, and I spoke
to the daughter, she spoke to me of a harsh, cold and demanding mother that
never consoled, caressed or accepted. but, she was willing to forgive everything,
if only her mother told her just once that she loved her. thats when I said to
the daughter not only did she say she loves you, she shouted it out from
the other end of the world

Body language, and main character lines: Likes to listen rather then talk. kind,
good hearted, warm, generous, brave and very moral.

Occupation: A doctor.

Background: Born to a middle class family. spent most of her childhood and
adolescence in hospitals suffering from cancer. this was one of the reasons she
chose medicine as a vocation. lost all of her family in the catastrophe except one.

Moral point of view: The world is full of ugliness and beauty, suffering and pleasure,
good and evil. we never chose to be born, but we can choose how to live our lives -
stay indifference/ destroy kill and cause pain/ or build, save and heal.

Goal and objectives before the outbreak: Be a good person. take care of family
and friends. study and teach medicine.