The Wizard

"Now we are all sons of bitches"

Kenneth Bainbridge commenting to Robert Oppenheimer, seconds after the experiment
of the first atom bomb at Los Alamos 16.7.1945

"I want to know god's thoughts; the rest are details."

Albert Einstein

Representing key sentences by the character:"…I don’t get you, don’t you have an
ounce of curiosity? One day you wake up and everyone has turned into mindless, crazed,
murderous, blood thirsty zombies and you don’t care how it happened…"

"…. before this all began I could sit and watch these scenes for hours – observe
the basic power, the creation of matter from nothing – there’s no greater truth than that…."

"… there’s always something – that’s civilization, isn’t it? someone tells others what
to do, gets things in order and in return, lives at their expense…."

"… I always have a plan, that’s why you put up with me, isn’t it? or maybe you enjoy me
“driving you crazy”?... "

Body language, and main character lines: Talkative, inquisitive, kind hearted, has a developed
sense of humor, very intelligent and creative. a little childish, naïve, and inexperienced
when coming to deal with relationships, especially with women.

Occupation: Hacker, inventor.

Background: Born to a middle class family. a gifted child, college dropout
(he was always too bored, impatient and nonconformist). lived for a few years in complete
solitude (spending most of his time on the internet, rather than dealing with the real world),
earning his living as a freelance programmer.

Moral point of view: Characterized by lack of a unified moral point of view
(it's simply not in his scope). what drives him is his unlimited thirst to learn, understand,
discover, invent - with almost no thought as to the moral consequences.

Goal and objectives before the outbreak: Know, understand, discover, invent…..