The Daughter

"…ALICE: I just wanted to ask you which way I ought to go
Cheshire Cat: well. that depends on where you want to get to
ALICE: It really doesn't matter, as log as I…
Cheshire Cat: then it really doesn’t matter which way you go…"
From Alice in Wonderland

Representing key sentences by the character: "….tell me, don’t you think there can be beauty that serves no purpose? beauty that has value just because it’s beauty? can’t people do things for no reason, just for the sake of pleasure – eat something because it’s tasty, listen to music or look at a painting just for the sake of enjoyment?... "

Body language, and main character lines: Quiet, warm, kind hearted, naïve and trusting.

Occupation: A teenage schoolgirl

Background: Born to an upper-middle class family.
until recently an ordinary teenager, mostly involved with her social life.
after the outbreak she lost everyone but her sister.

Moral point of view: Because of her young age, she still hasn’t developed
a strong and clear moral point of view. Moral issues did not concern her
up till now, since she only gave thought to her own "small world".

Goal and objectives before the outbreak: Have fun, be popular, buying cloths,
dating boys etc...